It will be 3 years the middle of next month that we’ve lived on the foothills of the Massanutten Mountain. If we sit on the back deck we look up into the forrest. If we sit on the front deck we look at the Shenandoah River. I wouldn’t say that we are isolated from society, but we sure the heck are insulated from the rest of the world. Highway 340 is across the river from us a mere couple of hundred yards, but to get there it takes about 45 minutes on a good day. That will be a story in itself on another posting. During the summer months you can’t see the highway or railroad track that runs adjacent to it, but you can hear some of the traffic and trains passing by. Once the leaves fall, you can see the activity across the river even tho’ you’ll spend the better part of an hour to join it.

There are five homes here on Milford Landing, with two being of a seasonal nature. You will be introduced to all of us in future postings. Wildlife far outnumbers the inhabitants and that is the way we all like it. Some of the neighbors admitted that they were concerned about what the “new people” would be like before we moved in but for the most part we have been welcomed and enjoy living here. I’ve only been called a “Northerner” once! I grew up thinking that we won the war but have found out that we are still fighting it. If you rent a car with New york plates and come to see us expect to be checked out. Dusty and Kathy, Sylvia’s sister and brother-in-law, found this out.

This isn’t much of a posting but it is my first and I don’t even know if I can figure out how to publish it.

Keep your fork!



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