Catfish and Gator Babe returned yesterday to the Massanutten after having been back home for the last few weeks. We went over to their cabin “neighboring” last night to welcome them back and bring them a few things we picked up on our trip to the flat lands of South Dakota. Catfish retired awhile back and he spends his time doing what he said he intended to do when he punched out on his last day of work. When asked what he was going to do in retirement, he said that he was going to name every fish in the Shenandoah River. In fact, when the meteorologists on the Weather Channel heard what Catfish intended to do, they decided that they would do the same thing for winter storms, hurricanes, etc. But to outdo this retired fisherman they decided they would come up with a list of names first just to look like it was their idea. So, when you think back to the likes of Katrina, Sandy, Ivan, Rita, Fabian, and Ike you have Catfish to thank.

Four out of the five of us up here in our little settlement are John Deere People. I’ll give you one guess as to who has the most. Shout out “Bingo” if you guessed Catfish. He has three  JD lawnmowers and a 6 wheeled Gator in his collection. In fact, he built a small museum in which to display them. He calls it a shop with an attached pavilion, but we know better. Mrs. C (Gator Babe) can be seen riding with him if he hasn’t managed to sneak away from her to drown a worm or a mad tom. He hasn’t named all the fish in the river yet, but to listen to him, there are only a very few nameless fish still out there. Lucky thing for the fish is that he practices catch and release. He says he hasn’t caught and named the same one twice. If you belive that, I have a bridge to sell you. Welcome back friends!

Keep Your Fork


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