What is this world coming to? We’ve all heard this question asked many times and have perhaps asked it ourselves. I asked it again this past week. All summer long you’d fight your way past hundreds of riding lawnmowers and garden tillers to get through the doors at Home Cheapo, Lowe’s, or Maynards. All summer long you’d fight your way around garden seeds, garden plants, and watering cans at Wally’s World. Let the poor smuck who wants or needs one of those things now find one. Walk into almost any store today and you’ll find not only Halloween merchandise on display but Heaven forbid, Christmas stuff. What happened to Election Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and St. Olaf’s Birthday? How are we to decorate and celebrate all these special occasions? And now, all the Norwegians out here are talking about yet another upcoming holiday. Nor-Easter!! You can bet that the four above mentioned stores will start stocking Nor-Easter merchandise as well. Shame on them.

Keep Your Fork


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