It’s all in the name

Shortly after we moved in Dusty Roads asked me if they named everything around here. It’s taken about 3 years but I think I can answer that question.For your reading pleasure I offer the following.

As for roads we have: Dry Run, Pass Run, Lost Corner, Forest, Fort Liscomb, Old Ferry Mill, Power Dam, Bixlers Ferry, Ruffners Ferry, Old Forge, Page Valley, Egypt Bend, Lazy River, Kibler Hill, Sandy Hook, and Cave Hill. For trails: Indian Grave, Knob Mountain, Appalachian, Fox Hollow, and Blackrock. For drives I offer: Fort McCourt, Grand View, Mountainview, Riverview, and Bovine. The lanes include: Lorelei, Small Mouth, Country Cabin, Fish Tale, Lil’ Bit of Heaven, Turtle Rock, Skyline, Riverwater, Homestead, and Sunnyview. Two lanes are Fishermans and Rifle.

Water related names include: Waterfalls named Whiteoak Canyon Falls, Cedar Run Falls, Rose River Falls, Dark Hollow Falls, Jones Run Falls, South River Falls, and Pigspath Falls. Creeks include: Pass Run, Hawksbill, Sawmill, and Foltz. Runs include: Cub, Rapids, Dry, Jeremey’s, and Overall. Five fords are: Island, Gutheries, Stover’s, Leath’s, and McCoys. Four landings are: Fosters, Milford, Goods, and Grove Hill.

You have two furnaces: Caroline and Elizabeth. Three bottoms: Burners, Brush, and Culler’s. Three overlooks: Hogsback, Rattlesnake Point, Gooney Manor. Four ridges: Gravel, Elder, Piney, Serenity. Seven Hollows: Elkwallow, Indian, Rocky, Steep, Compton, Dripping Springs, Steam.  Three crossings: Old Ferry, Ike’s, Kings. Three retreats include: Paddler’s, Joey’s River, and Rat.

Gaps would include: New Market, Edinberg, Elkwallow, Swift Run, and Gravel Springs. Two caverns are Endless and Skyline. You have Singers Glen, Zerkle Heights, Hawksbill Greenway, Double Toll Gate, Big Meadow, Marys Rock, Chimney Rock, Stony Man Mountain, Hogwallow Flat, Berkley Springs, and Speedwell Forge. And don’t forget the Mason Dixon Line.

You have Windy Hill, Whispering Hills, Prospect Hill, and Acorn Hill. You have Signal Knob, Pilot Knob, High Knob, and Reddish Knob. And last but not least we have a small knoll like hump that doesn’t have an official name but the locals like to call it Dry Hump. The lists would go on and on but I think you know the answer to the question.

Keep your fork




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