A Pain in the Neck

An old sage, or was it an old thymer, once told me that I should try to learn something new every day. Today I learned three things. Number one is to never have your mate help you dress out and load a deer. Number two is to have lunch before a 12 noon doctor’s appointment. Number 3 is to never mention that you have had a chest pain for the last week and a half when you have went in to see the doctor for a pain in your neck.

The first two items above affected me personally today while the third one is related to the second one. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I asked the PQ to help me gut out and load a doe I had harvested. She did a mighty fine job of it too. She didn’t get in the way much and she didn’t lose her cookies. Today she had a noon doctors appointment because of swollen limp nodes in her neck and a bone spur on a toe. While seeing the doctor she casually mentioned that she’s had a pain starting in the middle of her chest that was radiating down into her side. Before I knew it, there she was in the waiting room being pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse over to the hospital’s emergency room. We were told that if tests showed a heart attack they would fly her to a hospital with a cardiologist. Great, I thought. We have emergency medial transportation insurance with PHI Air Medical and now we may get to use it. After two hours, two EKG’s, four tubes of blood, and all kinds of questions they said her heart was exceptional for a woman “her age”. They could have left off the last two words. We did get a laugh ‘tho when the doctor came in and said he had good news. We both asked him what the good news was at the same time. His reply, “I saved a lot of money on my car insurance”.

We did get lunch but the whole day was pretty much shot at that point. She still has swollen lymph nodes and the bone spur but otherwise is as healthy as a horse. On the way home I thought of what her pain’s cause was. She bought a new bra a couple of days ago and had found out that she has been wearing a bra a size too small for the last umpteen years. Now, if I can remember what I learned on number 2  and 3 when I go in for the lumps on my head, I’ll be fine too.

Keep your fork


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