Smoking Meat

I’ve been in the process of building a wooden smokehouse. I looked at the fancy metal ones that you can buy at many sporting goods stores but they are all to small or complicated. All right you got me. I’m too cheap to pay what they want for them. When I get mine completed and can figure out how to put a picture on my post, I’ll show you what I’ve come up with. It’s not fancy. I’ve put this one together out of bits and pieces that I had lying around. When I fire it up, I’ll have a few things to remember. The wood I choose to use cannot have any resinous properties to it. Alder, apple, ash, cherry, hickory, maple, or oak would be some of the choices I can consider. I can’t put the meat into a cold smoker so I’ll have to preheat the smoker and also use something like Crisco spray on the racks so that the meat won’t stick to them. The meat will have to be dry so that it will accept the smoke and not steam. And then I’ll have to remember to watch the smoking chips, lumps, etc. so that I don’t get any open flames. There are other things I’ll have to do but the ones listed above are probably the more important ones for a beginner to remember.

Keep your fork


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