Fixing Wild Game Variety Meats

After watching “Mountain Men” or “Alaska, The Last Frontier” or one of the shows like that, I noticed that they usually have a meal out in the field when they finish a successful hunt. They don’t eat a prime cut of meat, but always have what a lot of hunters discard probably because they don’t know how to fix these meats. Here are some general guidelines for fixing any wild game variety meats.

Brains – Clean and wash in cold water. Fry or boil slowly half an hour.

Hearts – Remove valves and tough, fibrous tissues; then braise or cut into small chunks and use in soups or stew.

Kidneys – Fried; Halve them, slit twice the long way on the inside but do not cut clear through; leave the fat on the kidneys. Fry until all blueness has disappeared.

Liver – Parboil the liver and skim off the scum that rises. Slice rather thin. Fry bacon and in the grease, fry the liver. Salt; add more bacon. OR Cut liver in slices. Soak 1 hour in cold water, rinse in warm water, wipe dry, dip each slice in flour seasoned with salt and pepper; fry.

Tongue – Soak 1 hour, rinse in clean water; put in a pot of cold water, bring to a boil, simmer 2 hours or until tender. Add spices – whichever you desire.

Sausages – Utilize the tougher parts of the game by mincing meat with half as much salt pork, season with pepper and sage; make it into patties and fry.

Keep your fork


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