The Shave That Wasn’t

Another cool and rainy day on the Massanutten. Checked my traps, filled up the wood cradle by the stove, took a nap, started another paracord jig, and just kind of laid around the rest of the day. Had a hard day yesterday. Got the oil in the van changed, new brake pads put on, and went to Harrisonburg shopping. A lot less people around now than before the holidays.

Haven’t had my hair cut in more than 3 years and haven’t shaved for a longer period of time so thought I’d look for a barber while we were out yesterday. Found one while we were down in H-burg so decided to interview him. He said he’d be able to just trim the split ends off my hair and leave the length as I asked. He said that shaving me would be a little more difficult ‘tho. He went on to say that getting all the whiskers off my cheeks because of all the wrinkles from age would be a problem for most barbers but not for him. He said that he kept a little wooden ball in a cup on the shelf that I could put inside my cheek to spread out the skin to get the cleanest shave I’d ever had. I asked what would happen if by chance I would swallow the ball. He said, “No problem, just bring it back in a couple of days like everyone else does.” Needless to say, I didn’t get a haircut or shave.

Here is the answer to yesterday’s puzzler if you haven’t figured it out yet. You’ll kick yourself when you see the answer. Take the first letter of each word, place it at the end of that word and read that word backwards. The spelling is the same backwards as it is frontwards.

Keep your fork


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