Sourdough Starter


2c. warm water into container – add 1 pkg. active dried yeast OR 1 yeast cake OR 1 level tbsp. dried yeast

Add 2 c.of white flour

Mix these ingredients to form smooth paste, leave lid loose fitting, then place the container in warm place overnight or longer if a more tangy flavor is desired, twenty-four hours at least is recommended. By this time the SOURDOUGH MIXTURE will be made up of small bubbles and should give off a pleasant alcoholic aroma.

This SOURDOUGH STARTER can be kept in the refrigerator as long as you replenish what is taken out for baking. (If the starter is not to be used for several weeks it can be frozen or dried to keep from spoiling. In the dried form, the yeast goes into a spore stage, which is like dried yeast will keep for a long time. Water and warmth bring the yeast back to an active stage).  While in the refrigerator the low temperature will cause the bubbles to disappear and a clear liquid will rise to the surface – this is normal. Just stir before using. (Alaskan prospectors and Indians would skim this liquid from the top, ferment it and use it for alcoholic liquor).

Each time you wish to use your STARTER you must first pour out 1 cup of STARTER and set it aside as a STARTER for the next baking effort. This cup of STARTER is then returned to the container and the amount taken out is replenished by adding flour and warm water – NOTHING ELSE. The mixture will improve with time and once the fermentation is under way this cup of STARTER will be sufficient to sour the flour overnight. Let it work in the pot for at least a day before storing in the refrigerator.

Keep your fork.


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