The Good Pig

With the temperature the was it has been and the wood stove going 24/7 we have gone through a lot of spring water in the kettle on the stove. Being a nice day, we decided to go up to the spring and get water this morning and then go into town for supplies. We took our normal route up to the spring but decided to take a short cut back to main road coming back over our ridge of the Massanutten.

We had gone down the road about a mile when we saw a cow about to calf in a pasture along the road. She was standing next to a flowing creek which could mean trouble if the calf dropped into the water. We could see smoke coming from a farm place up in the hollow across the road and decided to go up and see if the cattle in the pasture were theirs and tell them about the cow.

As we neared the place we could see a man chopping ice out of a stock tank and pulled up next to the fence. As I got out of the van a pig with a wooden leg came around the corner of the shed. I could see that the wooden leg was a cobbled up devise but some thought had gone into as it had a rubber cup on the bottom end to give the pig traction on the snow and ice.

I asked the farmer if the cattle were his and he said they were. I told him about the cow and asked if I could ask him a question. He said to ask away. I asked him what the story was on the pig with the wooden leg. He told me that about a year ago his son was out fetching in some wood when the tree he was felling twisted as it fell and pinned him to the ground. He said that the boy was a far distance from the farmstead and only the pig had heard him shouting for help. He said the pig came and got him and lead him to his son. He figured the pig had saved his son’s life. All I could say was, “WOW!”

He continued on by saying that this past spring while he was out pulling stumps with his 9N Ford tractor (a small, low set tractor), a stump with a large root system refused to come out of the ground. He said he backed up and took a run at it trying to give the stump a hard jerk. He said as he looked backwards watching the chain tighten, all he could remember was the front end of the tractor coming up off the ground and flipping over backwards. It had pinned him between the stump and the overturned tractor. He said that he must have passed out and when he came to, that same pig was rooting him out from under the tractors tire. That pig had saved his life too.

I said “That’s some kind of a pig. But, that doesn’t explain the wooden leg.” The farmer replied, “A good pig like that you don’t eat all at once.”

Keep your fork

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