Did You Know??? #3

1. An earthworm has five hearts and no eyes.
2. Organically grown roses, pansies, tulips, violets, and hollyhocks are all edible.
3. There are 1,690 different species of rodents.
4. Nearly 75% of lettuce grown in the US is grown in California.
5. If your lawnmower won’t start, spray WD-40 into the carburetor/air cleaner and pull the cord.
6. You can eat garlic leaves and use them just like chives.
7. Harvest garlic when 75% of the leaves are dry and brown.
8. Add a pinch of table salt to the water in a vase of flowers to prolong the life of the flowers.
9. The most common bird in the world is the starling.
10. A baby robin will eat up to 14 feet of worms each day.

Keep your fork


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