Did You Know??? #4

1.  Wax can come from an animal, a  vegetable, or a mineral. Bees wax, the softest wax, is made by insects; carnauba, the hardest, comes from a plant (a palm), and paraffin is a mineral wax. Paste wax is often a mixture of two or more waxes.

2. Dendrochronology is the science and technique of studying tree rings. It is used to date archaeological sites and to study ancient climates.

3. “White coopers” make barrels and buckets out of white oak which contain tyloses that block its pores and make the barrels and buckets tight and leak-proof. Liquids will leak through red oak pores as they do not contain tyloses.

4. The second hardest wax, shellac wax, is made by the insect laccifer lacca.

5. The teeth of the standard 10″ table saw blade can reach speeds of over 102 mph. Many a shop teacher or carpenter can attest to this fact.

Keep your fork


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