Hunting Buddies

I had the great pleasure of meeting and spending some good quality time the past couple of weeks with an individual that will someday make someone an excellent hunting/fishing/trapping buddy. I met his older brother three years ago and have gotten to spend some time with him also since our first meeting. He too, will make someone a good H/F/T buddy, but he has developed a few traits that needs work on. I hope that someday I will be able to spend time with both of them in the field, but with the years creeping up on me and the shortness of their legs, that may not be possible.

Brother number 2, the one I just met, takes after me when it comes to eating. He eats an amazing amount for his size, which would mean we’d have to pack lots of eats for our outings, but he only eats one item. Brother number 1, the older brother, doesn’t eat much at all, unless it’s peanut butter. Number 2 likes to eat often, as I do, while it’s hard to get Number 1 to the table to eat at all. When Number 1 does come to the table, you can get him to eat if you alternate a potato chip with each bite of peanut butter covered ‘cow’. All in all, packing our camp kitchen would be easy.

Again, Number 2 takes after me when it comes to ‘hanging out’, taking a nap, or sleeping at night. He had no trouble sitting with me in the recliner, laying back and snoozing. He enjoys going to bed at night and sleeps the night through. I enjoy going to bed, but haven’t been able to sleep the night through for quite a few years now. Number 1 hates going to bed and does anything and everything to put off going to sleep. Number 2 and I could hit the hay early after a hard day of hunting or fishing while Number 1 could sit by the campfire and sing “Kum By Ya!”

When it would come to figuring out what we’d do about a ‘Dump Stump’ we may have a problem. After being in the service, any stump or straddle trench will do for me. Number 2, at the present time, doesn’t have any problem. While he was sitting with me more than once, if mother nature called, he answered. Now, with Number 1, that’s where the problem may arise. We shared his bathroom with him while we were there and his schedule and mine must have been the same. He may not be the camping type.

Number 2 doesn’t have much to say and is pretty quiet most of the time. Right now, he could sit with me in a deer blind or boat and not make any noise. Number 1 has trouble sitting still and is definitely not the quiet type. He would be the kind that would make a hunting camp really enjoyable and fun.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about my grandsons. Number 1, Luke, is 3 and is definitely a Lehman boy. Number 2, Hans, is 2-1/2 months old and is going to catch up with his brother in no time at all. And, ready or not, in August the world will have another Lehman boy to enjoy. Luke and Hans will have a cousin, Warren, to get to know. Maybe he could join us too.

Keep your fork


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