Hints From the Amish

Cucumber in a bottle.
When a cucumber is the size of your small finger, place an empty ketchup or dish washing soap bottle over it. The cucumber will fully grow into the bottle. To preserve it, put apple cider vinegar into the bottle and place the cap back on.

To keep your chickens from eating their eggs, put sisel baler twine in the nests instead of straw.

Dish Cloth Care
Always rinse your dish rag in plain cold water when finished. This will keep the bacteria down, thus preventing those smelly dish rags. This is especially helpful in hot weather.

Canning Jars
Use baking soda to scrub canning jars with dried meat, sweet corn, etc.
Put a squirt of vinegar in water when canning and your jars will be free from water stains.

Odor Eliminator
Cut a lemon in half and put it in a fresh painted room. It will take the odor out.

Try dipping the slices of bacon in ice-cold water before frying it to keep the edges from curling.

Keep your fork


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