Cattail Salad

In the ‘good old days’ the only time you had salad was in late spring and summer when you could grow your own. Sioux Indians and the early pioneers on the plains made a salad from cattails they found growing in wet areas. When we lived in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota cattails were a common site in the swampy areas and pot holes. I have seen some out here, but they are not as plentiful.

To make a cattail salad, go into a swamp in early spring when the cattails are sending up their new shoots. Look for the new shoots that are about 3 inches long or shorter and cut these off. Clean the shoots so that only the solid ivory part remains. Cut these cleaned shoots up into small pieces. Salt to taste and add your favorite salad dressing. You will have a fine, clean tasting salad.

Keep your fork

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