Fish Batter

Now that spring weather has somewhat settled down and fishing is picking up,it may be time to think about having a fish fry. Fish are cooked in numerous ways throughout the world. One popular way in the U.S. is to deep fry the fillets. Generally the fillets are dipped into a batter before the frying process begins. Here are three different batters that you should try.

Egg Batter

Break one large egg into a bowl. Mix the juice of a half of lemon into the egg. Add a pinch of onion powder. After dipping the fillet into this mixture roll them in a mixture of one-half white flour and one-half finely ground bread crumbs. Then deep fry.

Milk Batter

Place a pint of milk in a bowl. Stir a quarter tablespoon of salt into the milk until it dissolves. Place the dried fillets into the milk for 20 minutes. Remove the fillets and roll lightly with white flour. Then deep fry.

Beer Batter

Add 12 tablespoons of your favorite beer and 1 tablespoon of salad oil to a mixture of one-half pound of white flour. Mix thoroughly. Beat the whites of three eggs until they are stiff and carefully incorporate them with the mixture of beer, salad oil, and flour. Roll and work the batter around the fillets and deep fry.

Keep your fork


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