Trimming and Fertilizing Melons

It is too early to put this information to immediate use, but tuck it away in your memory as you will need it later.

Melons can support fewer vines and fruits than they normally produce. About mid-summer you will want to pinch off the tips of the vines and remove baby melons that will not ripen anyway. This will direct more energy into the developing fruits. Cantaloupe can have 6 to 7 fruits per plant while watermelon should not have more than 3 or 4 per plant.

As melons begin to bulk up, the vines will need extra water and nutrients for the fruits to finish out properly. This usually happens with the late summer heat when the plants produce excess vines. Plants can prematurely collapse with this extra heat, foliage, and fruits. When the melons are about half size, start using a finisher fertilizer such as a 9-15-30 along with a little Epsom Salt.

Keep your fork


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