Heavy Duty Laundry Gel

Most craft shows and boutiques have scented bar soaps for sale. I can’t remember any of them having laundry soaps and decided to give up old family recipes. In a previous post I gave you the instructions for liquid laundry soap. Here are the instructions for heavy duty laundry gel with powdered laundry detergent to come.

Heavy Duty Laundry Soap

1 bar Fels-Naptha soap, grated
1 bar Zote soap, grated
1 heaping cup borax
1 heaping cup washing soda

Put grated soap in a large pot. Add 12 cups water. Heat until soap is melted. Remove from heat and add washing soda and borax. Dissolve. Put 2 gallons water in a pail and add soap mixture. Stir well. Soap will gel when it cools.

Note: This needs to be kept in a container that has a lid. You can pour this in old clean laundry detergent bottles; shake well before each use.

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