Did You Know?

* Trees placed properly around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30 percent and can save 20 to 50 percent in energy used for heating. Deciduous trees aid inside temperatures by shading a house from the sun in the summer and allowing the sun to penetrate during winter. Evergreens help block cold, northern winds.

* The outside temperature can be determined by counting the chirps of a cricket. Count the number of chirps in 15 seconds, then add 37; the sum will be the approximation of temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.

* The best time to prune evergreens is from December to March, during the winter dormant season. It is recommended not to prune heavy in the spring because cuts made during the growing season will result in very dense growth on top. The dense upper growth can over shade the lower foliage, causing it to die.

* Slugs love beer. A slug problem can be remedied by pouring light-colored beer in several saucers, then strategically placing the saucers around plants.

Keep your fork


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