Broccoli-Bacon Salad

We’ve been eating and freezing broccoli for a couple of weeks now. After harvesting the main head, the side shoots will develop, giving you many more delicious meals. Here is one of our favorite broccoli salads.

Broccoli-Bacon Salad

2 c. broccoli florets
1 c. diced celery
1 c. green onion, sliced
1/2 c. green or red pepper, chopped (the peppers are optional, the chopping is not)
1 lb. bacon, fried crisp and drained
2 cups red grapes (seedless – cut individual grapes in half)
1 cup sliced almonds

1 c. salad dressing
1/2 c. sugar (or to individual taste)
1 Tbsp. vinegar

Combine the first five ingredients in a large bowl. Combine dressing ingredients. Toss dressing on salad and chill. Before serving add the red grapes and sliced almonds.

Keep your fork


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