Help for Poison Ivy

I talked to Finley the other day and he mentioned that his better half came into contact with poison ivy while she was out picking wild raspberries. Some years ago the pickle queen got into a patch of it while we were out gathering chokecherries for a couple of batches of jelly. Both instances resulted in a bad rash with oozing sores caused by urushiol, the oil in poison ivy that penetrates the skin and combines with the proteins in the skin to cause the reaction. Here are some home remedies to help soothe the rash, itch, ooze, etc.

Scrub the affected area with a good dousing of Listerine. The application of Listerine will sting, but the itch should stop.

Applying Preparation H to the rash should help ease the swelling and burning of poison ivy.

Applying lemon juice to the affected area should help with the itching and rash.

Making a paste of Epsom Salt and water and applying it to the rash helps soothe it. You may also make a paste of baking soda and water if you do not have Epsom Salt to get the same results. A paste of corn starch and water is another substitute you may have on hand.

A good soaking of the affected area with vodka will help remove the urushiol.

And last but not least, if you have rash over a big portion of your body, soak in a tub of water in which you’ve added a whole jar of an ice tea mix. The tannic acid in the tea helps to soothe the rash.

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