Mom’s Peanuts

Heimo, one of the main cast members on the last Alaskans, stated “It’s hell to be getting old.” My Dad always said, “It’s hell to be getting old so young.” My mother never said anything, she just kind of got old somewhat gracefully. Here’s an example.

The pickle queen and I went down to visit her while she was in the hospital in Sioux falls recuperating from a fall that resulted in a broken hip. One thing she did complain about while there was the food. Her teeth, or what she had left, were few and far between and I believe that it wasn’t the food itself, but the inability to chew it. While we were there, the priest from her parish stopped in to see her. As we talked, I noticed that he was helping himself to a big bowl of peanuts on the stand beside Mom’s bed.

After a half hour or so he got up to leave and said to Mom, “I’m sorry but I seem to have eaten all of your peanuts. I’ll have to bring you some more next time I come to visit.” Mom replied, ” That’s not necessary Father, I can’t eat them anymore. I just just suck off the chocolate and put them back there in the bowl.” I guess that qualifies as ‘somewhat gracefully.”

Keep your fork

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