The Farmer’s Sod House

With the hot weather and the 6 inches of rain we’ve had in the past week, you can’t stand still  in the yard or the grass will grow up around you. I can’t imagine how fast it would grow if you’d fertilize it. It probably would be like the farmer’s sod house.

A farmer builds himself a house completely out of Kentucky bluegrass, and used the second and third floors for his impressive collection of the chairs of kings, purchased from kingdoms around the world. The chairs are all ornate  and all beautiful, and the farmer spends much of his time taking excellent care of them.

One day, the farmer decides that it is time to fertilize the bluegrass that makes up the structure of his house, and moves all of his precious chairs to the attic. He carefully spreads fertilizer on the third floor and waters it. Satisfied, he goes to the second floor and repeats the process. He fertilizes the family quarters on the first floor, and finally goes to the basement to finish his job.

While he’s down in the basement, there is a tremendous creaking. The weight of the chairs is too much for the attic floorboards, and the chairs come crashing down. They crash through the third, second, and first floors, and crush the poor farmer to death.

The moral of the story: People who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.

Keep your fork

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