Types of Tomatoes

One thing a lot of us didn’t consider when selecting varieties of tomatoes to plant was what type of plant did we want to grow. Did we want the plants to have a set size or did we want the plants to continue to grow until fall? Is this why our plants are so out of control this year?

An indeterminate type of tomato is a vine type rather than a bush type that will grow until fall. They will have a higher ratio of leaves to fruit thus giving the fruit a better flavor. you will also have to have a more sturdy trellising system to contain the larger plant and will have to provide more labor to prune the plants.

A determinate type of tomato will grow to a certain size and then switch their energy into ripening the fruit. It is sometimes referred to as a bush type tomato. The fruits will ripen over a more concentrated period of time and allow you to harvest one or two times rather than having to harvest a smaller number of fruit more often. If you want to freeze, can, make salsa or spaghetti sauce and need a larger amount of fruit at the same time, choose the determinate type.

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