If you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle you may already know that mushrooms are nature’s hidden treasure. Mushrooms can provide a similar number of nutrients as many brightly colored fruits and vegetables. They are fat free, a good source of select B vitamins, and are a leading source of the antioxidant selenium. They are also a good sourceĀ of vitamin D.

Choosing Mushrooms:
Choose dry, firm mushrooms, the exceptions include shiitake caps and morels, which have a soft, spongy texture. Remember to handle mushrooms gently.

Storing Mushrooms:
Carefully blot away any moisture. Place in paper bag and refrigerate.

Preparation Tips:
Wipe mushrooms clean with a damp paper towel. Check the ends of the stems and remove a thin slice if they appear dried out. The entire stem should be removed from shiitakes and portabella as they are chewy and woody.

Keep your fork

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