Mouse Control

It won’t be long and mice will be looking to find winter quarters. If you want to control them without using commercial mouse poison here are some ways that the Amish recommend.

Cut a small hole about half way up each end of an egg carton. Fill up the bottom of the carton with a half and half mixture of powdered sugar and plaster of Paris. After finding the carton and eating the powder, they will get plugged up and die.

Pour a mixture of half Portland cement and half flour onto a flat tray. Both of the ingredients should be dry. (The Portland cement does not have the sand or gravel mixed in with it.) Place the tray in areas with mouse problems.

Soak small pieces of sponge with bacon grease and place in the area with mouse problems. The mice will eat this and their digestive tracts will be destroyed.

Fill a small low container with Pepsi or Coke. When the mice drink this they will die as they cannot belch.

Place potato flakes in a low container and water in another low container for the mice to eat and drink. After eating and drinking, the potato flakes will expand, destroying the rodents.

Keep your fork


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