Storing Cabbage

Cabbage varieties may either be a short season variety that may mature in around 45 days or long season varieties that take several months to mature. As cabbage is a cool season crop, plant in early spring for summer harvest or in late summer for fall harvest. We put in our second planting for fall harvest this past weekend.

If you are harvesting during the summer, cut the head off at the base with a sharp knife and leave the roots undisturbed. Smaller heads may form on the cut surface. Cabbage will last for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. Harvest before the heads get too large and split.

Fall harvest cabbage should be left in the ground as late as possible and yet be pulled up by the roots. If the heads get nipped by a frost, don’t worry as it will taste better than if harvested earlier. Again, be sure to harvest before the head splits. Remove the roots and wrap the heads in newspaper or burlap material. They may be kept at zero degrees over the winter. You may also freeze the cabbage and use it as needed. Last winter we kept several heads in a second refrigerator and was still enjoying homegrown cabbage into late spring.

Keep your fork


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