Make Sure Your Life Jacket Fits

Living on the Shenandoah River we see hundreds of canoes, kayaks, tubes, and rafts go by every season. The cautious people aboard these crafts are wearing their life jackets. But do they fit? For a jacket to work properly, you must first of all be wearing it and it should fit properly. A properly fitting jacket will be more comfortable and you will be more likely to wear it. A jacket that does not properly fit you may either be too big or small or even come off if you fall in the water.

All you have to do is to put on your conventional life jacket to see it if fits properly. With all fasteners properly secured, the jacket should fit you snugly. With a friend standing behind you, raise your arms like you are signaling a touchdown. Have your friend lift the jacket by the shoulders. If the jacket comes up past your chin (covers your face or comes off) that is what would happen if you fell in the water. If this happens, tighten the fasteners or switch to a smaller size jacket.

Keep your fork


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