Shells are for the Birds

When we first moved in here I would find egg shells spread out between the house and the barn. I didn’t give it much thought at the time. While visiting with a neighbor he mentioned that he threw out egg shells for the birds. That explained all the shell sightings. I figured if he could ‘feed’ the birds, so could I and began throwing our shells out as well.

Some birds look for calcium sources as calcium is a needed mineral, especially during breeding season. Blue Jays are one of the species of birds that need this mineral and we are sometimes over-run with jays. I have seen blue jays pick up a half shell and fly off to stash it’s find for future use. Ravens also find these egg shells a tasty treat.

Before throwing the egg shells to the birds it is recommended that you either boil the shells for 5 minutes or heat the shells in a 250 degree over for 30 minutes.

Keep your fork


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