Sodium Intake

We have more or less thrown away the salt shaker. When the doctors tell you to watch your sodium intake for a health issue, you may want to listen. You may find it hard to limit your intake as 25 percent comes from your salt shaker while 75% comes from processed foods.

How much sodium to we need?

Limit to 1500 mg sodium per day if:

  • Over 50 years old
  • African american
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney Disease

Less than 2300 mg per day:

  • Most people 2 years and older

Read the food labels for sodium content. Choose single food items that have 140 mg of sodium or less. Plan meals with less than 500 mg of sodium.

Keep your fork


One thought on “Sodium Intake

  1. And I remember taking “salt” pills to help you sweat on the hot summer days!!
    Wonder how we lived this long! Walked barefoot in the mud, played in the mud, scooped manure, ran dangerous equipment at an early age, had guns in the house and hunted, was allowed to whittle with a knife, pounded nails into boards with out eye protection, road in our mothers lap while dad drove a car without seat belts! Gee, maybe the government owes us back wages for hazardous duty we should have earned while growing up.


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