Groundhog Control

If you don’t need the groundhog for the table but just want o get rid of ‘the pest’, here is one way.

Plug up all of the entrances/exits to its burrow except one. Plug up one end of a 4 or 5 foot piece of a garden hose with a dowel stick. You may have to use a hose clamp to keep it in place. Drill several small holes in the hose just above the plug.

Shove the hose, plugged end first, down the open entrance, leaving about 6 inches above ground. Place a small funnel into the open end of the hose. Carefully pour one quart of clear ammonia and one cup of liquid bleach into the funnel. Slowly pull the hose out, letting the liquid seep out the holes you drilled. Plug up the hole in the ground left by the hose. If the groundhog does not dig out, you accomplished the task.

Keep your fork

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