Improve Your Health While Saving Grocery Dollars

  • Buy produce in season when it’s priced to sell quickly. Can or freeze extra for later use. Snack on fruits instead of chips and cookies.
  • Make your own soup. You can add more vegetables and control how much salt is added. A broth-based soup eaten as a first course helps to reduce the amount of food you eat at your meal.
  • Reduce portion sizes if you have been trying to lose weight. Use a smaller plate or bowl to make it look full. Include whole grain products which keep you full longer.
  • Use less expensive cuts of red meat for casseroles or slow cooker meals. These cuts are often leaner than the more expensive marbled meats.
  • Replace meat in recipes with inexpensive and nutritious canned or dried beans several times a week.
  • Drink water and low-fat or non-fat milk instead of more costly beverages.
  • Limit dining out. Brown bagging saves money and gives you control over the ingredients in your lunch.
  • Double the recipe and enjoy leftovers, or freeze the rest for another meal.
  • Breads will keep well for several weeks in the freezer. Take out as many slices as needed for a meal. They will thaw quickly and you can toast them to refresh the flavor.
  • Wash and cut your own vegetables. It will take more time, but remember that you pay for the convenience of someone else doing it for you.

Keep your fork


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