Brain Health

They say that we all have to keep our minds active. Here are common occupations with there vowels missing. (A through U. There are no Y’s). For example, “BTLR” would be BUTLER. Some are two words, as indicated. Exercise your brain. What are the occupations?

  • NGNR (8 letters)
  • ZKPR (9 letters)
  • CNMST (9 letters)
  • PN  TNR (5 letters/5 letters)
  • T  MCHNC (4 letters/8 letters)
  • RSTRTR ( 12 letters)
  • RD  CLWN (5 letters/5 letters)
  • MPR (6 letters)

Answers will be in Bleu Cheese Dressing post.

Keep your fork


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