Virginia Logic

I met Arne who was waiting for his wife, Bertha, in the eye doctor’s office the other day while I was waiting for the Pickle Queen. I mentioned that we had moved out here four years ago from South Dakota and have found that certain things cost a lot more here. Arne said that he and Bertha had just moved back home recently from Arizona and had to agree with me about some things costing more. He went on to say that they found one thing that cost quite a bit less. I asked, “How so?”

Arne said that Bertha has a wooden leg and had to insure it. When they arrived in Virginia, they went to their insurance agent, Stanley, to see how much it would cost to insure the leg. Stanley had looked it up on his computer and told the couple, “That will be $39.00.

I said that I was really surprised with the difference. Arne said that both he and Bertha were shocked and he asked why it was so cheap here in Virginia to insure it, because it had cost them $2,000 in Arizona!

He replied that Stanley had turned to his computer screen and said, “Well, here it is, direct from the Virginia Fire Insurance Company. It says, ‘Any wooden structure, with a sprinkler system over it, is thirty-nine dollars.’ ”

I guess Virginia logic is far superior to most others.

Keep your fork


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