The Scientist and the Fokkers

For some odd reason I was thinking back to my college days. I had Marv Larson as an instructor for  Agricultural Mechanics. He had been a pilot during WWII and on the anniversary of VJ Day,  he hopped up on top of a big desk in front of the lecture room, telling and showing us how he had shot down enemy planes, much like this scientist.

A noted German scientist is asked to speak at the graduation ceremony of an all-girls high school. The principal asks the scientist to talk about his daring escape from Nazi Germany during World War II. Up at the podium, the scientist begins to tell his story:

I vas vorking in ze lab vun day, und I vas looking at ze airfield nearby ven I saw a young pilot leaf his plane unattended vor chust vun minute. I saw mine chance, and stole ze plane. Chust as I’m leaving German airspace, close to freedom, I see three fokkers on mine tail…”

The principal interrupts, saying to the girls, “Fokkers, of course, were a type of German airplane.”

The scientist, clearly annoyed, at the interruption and seeking further clarification, says, “Yah, I know dat. But zese fokkers ver flying Messerschmidts!”

Keep your fork


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