Hunting ducks and geese in the mid-west usually meant that I eventually would find myself in or near a lake or slough that contained more cattails than green heads (mallards) or honkers (Canadian geese).  I really didn’t appreciate these abundant plants until I learned how to use them. Besides providing good habitat for wild game, cattails also provided food for the Native Americans and settlers  in the early days when wild game was scarce. No matter where you live in this country you can find cattails growing in wet areas. If you haven’t tried eating them, here is one way you may want to try.

In the early spring gather a mess of green cattail spikes. After cleaning them off in cold water, place them in a pot and cover the spikes with clean water. Boil for 10 to 15 minutes. When they are done, serve them with butter eating them like corn on the cob.

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