Larry’s Senior Moment

With the election coming up later this year, I figured it would be appropriate to remember some of the senior moments that the politicians elected by the American people to represent them suffered from.

Larry Pressler, often called Larry Press Release (he had his picture along with a press release in local papers for every little thing he did) served the people of South Dakota from 1979 to 1997. One day while serving on the Commerce Committee  Senator Pressler absentmindedly selected the wrong door to exit the meeting room he had been in a countless number of times. He entered a closet instead of the hallway. Being embarrassed, he decided to stay in the closet until he felt sure that the other senators on the committee members had left the room by way of the hallway (real) door. It must have never occurred to Pressler that the other senators had seen his mistake and would wait for him to come out of the closet, which they did. His mistake made the rounds of congress and you can rest assured that Senator Press Release forgot to issue a news release on this one.

Keep your fork


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