Porcine Facts

As “Bovine” is for cattle and “Equine” is for horses, therefore let it be known that “Porcine ” is for swine. The Latin word for pig is “Porcus” giving us the word for pork. Some of my readers are probably aware of some of the following facts, but if you’re one of those that is not familiar with swine, I offer the following facts for your contemplation.

  • A pig’s IQ is comparable to that of a dogs. They are among the most intelligent of the domesticated animals.
  • Pigs are a very clean animal. If given the chance, they will “relieve themselves” in the corner furthest away from their sleeping area.
  • The typical piglet will increase it’s weight by 7,000 percent from birth to a slaughter age of six months.
  • Pigs are like humans in that they are omnivores meaning they will eat both plant material as well as other animal products and by-products.
  • Pigs do not gobble their foods but tend to eat slowly and enjoy their feed.
  • As pigs do not have sweat glands, they need to have access to cool, clean water or mud if available, to maintain proper body temperature.
  • Around 75 million hogs are slaughtered each year in the United States to provide each of us with 65 pounds of pork.
  • Around 40 different medicines for human are made from pigs. Their heart valves have been used to replace heart valves while their insulin is used for diabetics, their skin for treating burns, their thyroxine  to treat thyroid problems, and a product from their pituitary gland to help relieve arthritis.
  • Around 65 percent of the hog is edible while the other 35% is used for other uses as witnessed above. An old saying states that everything is used but the squeal.

Keep your fork


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