Paying for Golf

Once a year, three men get together for an expensive day of golf. At the end of their most expensive golf day ever, one man says, “You know, we really ought to do this more often than once a year.”

The second man disagrees. “Do you have any idea what this single day of golf costs me?”

“Yes,” the first man says, “the same as it costs us. But you can afford it.”

The second man shakes his head again. “I’m not talking about the actual day. I’m talking about how much I have to spend to get my wife to stop complaining about how much I spend on this day. This year, shutting her up is going to cost me a fur coat.”

The third man speaks up. “That’s all? A fur coat? It’s going to cost me at least a week in Bermuda!”

The first man can’t believe what’s he’s hearing. “You guys just don’t know how to talk to your wives,” he says.

“Oh yeah?” the second man says. “How do you keep your wife from complaining about the money you spend on our golf outings?”

“It’s easy. On this day every year, I wake my wife up early in the morning and I say, ‘Well? Should I go play golf, or would you rather spend the day making love?’ to which she always replies, ‘You’d better take a light jacket, it looks a little chilly out,’ ” says the third man.

Keep your fork


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