Ronnie’s Senior Moments

It’s a well known fact that Ronnie had many senior moments. But for a man of his age many people overlooked them as they thought he was the greatest man around. He was well traveled and often when landing in a foreign country would forget what country he was in or the name of the important person he was greeting. When he visited Brazil, he said it was good to be in Bolivia. While in England, he called Princess Diana “Princess David.” He called Samuel Doe, President of Liberia “Chairman Moe”. Samuel Pierce, the only Afro-American  in his cabinet, was surprised when Ronnie introduced himself to him at a conference of mayors thinking he was a mayor of some American city. To this day, many people still refer to him as the greatest President ever. If you haven’t guessed by now, Ronnie is better known as President Ronald Reagan.

Keep your fork


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