Turkey Talk

Turkey talk is the same no matter which species of wild turkey you are hunting. Here is a reminder of their language.

  • Cackle – A series of fast clucks made when the turkey is in flight or when a hen is sexually excited.
  • Cluck – A single, sharp “puck” sound to tell them where you’re at and to find their location.
  • Gobble – This sound is made by the tom to attract the hens for breeding or to announce that he’s around and ready to  protect his territory.
  • Kee Kee – When the flock has been scattered the young turkeys will “kee kee” to get together again.. The boss hen will “kee kee” until the flock regroups.
  • Purr – When uttered softly, it tells the flock that all is well. If done loudly, the flock mates will interpret it as a sign of aggression, agitation, anger or  frustration.
  • Putt – When turkeys are alarmed, they will “putt”. Shortly after a “putt”, they will get the heck out of dodge.
  • Yelp – This two-toned call begins with a whistling “kee” and ends with a quick “oak” sound. It means “Here I am, come join me”.

Keep your fork


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