The Old Man at the Pearly Gates

St. Peter was just about to close the Pearly Gates one night when an old man shows up and asks for his help. “I’m looking for my son,” the old man says. “He left when he was very young. I know that I’m only a carpenter, but I beg you to help me find him. You’ll know him by the holes in his hands and feet.”

St. peter immediately realizes that God is testing him, and that this must be Joseph, come to look for Jesus. “Please rest awhile while I get your son for you,” he tells the carpenter.

Finding Jesus a few minutes later, St Peter tells him that there is a carpenter waiting by the gate for the son that left him as a young man.

Jesus rushes to the old man. “Father?” Jesus says.

The old man says, “Pinocchio?”

Keep your fork


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