Cold Wild Turkey

The sight and sound of a wild turkey strutting and gobbling is an experience to behold. Even if you are not a hunter, the sight and sound is inspiring and you may experience it on an annual basis. If you are a hunter and have harvested a gobbler this spring, here is a recipe you have to try.

Cold Wild Turkey

1 Bottle of Wild Turkey bourbon
1 Bag of ice cubes
Branch water (optional)
Medium-sized glass

Remove cap from bottle. Take a small sip to check for freshness. Place ice in glass. Take another small sip to determine temperature. It should be room temperature or warmer. (Or colder.) Add three fingers of Wild Turkey to glass. (It’s OK if you get too much in the glass. Just take a small sip to ensure correct proportions.) Add branch water if desired. Repeat above steps as necessary. Enjoy!

Keep your fork

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