Pickled Eggs

As a boy growing up in a small Iowa town I was in awe of the red eggs in the gallon jar on the bar in Pete’s, the local watering hole. Were they anything like chocolate milk that came from Brown Swiss cows? Surely they came from Rhode Island Red chickens. Do they taste like white eggs? Why are they so shiny? Why aren’t they in a cardboard 30 dozen case like our eggs? Why haven’t I ever seen some guy order and eat one? My mind was full of unanswered questions. It remained so until I learned that they were Red Beet Eggs. One question answered! Other question took its spot. How is the devil do beets lay eggs? Why haven’t I ever seen a nest of eggs in the beet rows in our garden? If white chicken eggs hatch into little white chickens and brown chicken eggs hatch into little brown chickens, then why do we have to plant beet seeds to get beets to eat and can? Can’t we just wait until the red beet eggs hatch? If you’ve ever had these questions, let me put them to rest for you. Here’s how to make red beet eggs.

1 c vinegar
1 c water
1 c sugar
1 can red beets
8 to 10 eggs

Add hot water to sugar. Stir until dissolved. Heat 1 can of red beets and add sugar water mixture. Cool. Hard boil about 8 to 10 eggs and then peel. Add peeled eggs to red beets and put into the refrigerator for several hours.

Keep your fork


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