Flours and their Uses Expanded No. 3

This is a continuation of Flours and Their Uses Expanded.

Bleached Flour – Has been treated with chlorine to mature flour, condition gluten and improve baking quality. The bleach “toughens” the protein molecules and enables flour to carry more than its weight in sugar and fats. No change occurs in the nutritional value of the flour. it is simply a process which speeds up the natural whitening and maturing of the flours and reduces the risk of contamination or spoilage.

Unbleached Flour – The flour has been aged and bleached naturally by the oxygen in the air. It has an off white color but it may still contain enhancer.

Dough Enhancer – A product that improves the rise, taste, texture, color, and shelf life of whole grain breads.

Lecithin Powder – Is often used in bread recipes as a moisturizer and a mild preservative. It helps to improve the texture in a number of food products.

Self Rising Flour – A flour that is made from hard winter wheat. It is used in lean bread formulas, cakes, bisquick, cookies and pizza crust.

Hi Gluten Flour – A flour made from hard spring wheat. It has an exceptional strength. Used in breads, hard rolls and crust.

Kyrol Flour – Is made out of hard spring wheat. its a high gluten flour with exceptional strength. Especially for bread machines.

Dark Rye Flour – Rye flour (dark) is a high fiber flour made from whole rye grain, including the bran. Use this flour to produce delicious loaves of breads, as well as muffins and bagels when mixed with higher protein flour.

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