Things Your Dog May Worry About

The presidential election, the economy, the weather, global warming, GMO’s, their health and what’s for supper are just a few things that people worry about nowadays. When I was teaching Business Law I always said that we lived in a litigious society. Not only do we still live in a litigious society but we also live in a worrisome society as noted above.

As a kid growing up on a farm ,we had a dog as did most of the other farmers and ranchers. I can remember coming out of the house after breakfast with Dad and as we walked past old Tuffy laying on the porch, he said more than once, “Look at Tuffy. He doesn’t have a care in the world.” Thinking back to this, I wondered what a Dog has to worry about and came up with this list of things that your dog may worry about.

  • Why is my buddy, Rex, content to just lie on the porch day after day after his trip to the vet?
  • Is that cute little white poodle that lives down the road still in heat?
  • What’s broken on me that I need to have ‘fixed’?
  • Why doesn’t my human sniff the butt of other humans when they meet?
  • What do I do with a car if I ever catch one?
  • What happens if there are more kibbles than bits in my supper dish?
  • Why haven’t I seen my human lick himself?
  • What do I do if they cut down all the trees along our walking path?
  • Why do I always have to chase the ball? The stick? The Frisbee?
  • Why don’t I have a last name?
  • What if I’m reincarnated into a cat?
  • Why isn’t there a ‘dog box’?
  • If some big person scratches my belly, which leg do I twitch?
  • Who do I bark at if the mailman quits coming?
  • Why can’t I be on the Incredible Dr. Pol TV show?
  • Why is that pretty black and white kitty raising its tail?
  • What’s all those pointy things on that porcupine?
  • Why did they rub my nose in my accident when I was a pup?
  • Why do big people kick me away when I grab their leg?
  • Do they really think I’m fooled by that old pill in a hot dog trick?
  • Could I loose an eye if a bug hits me in the face while we’re out for a ride?
  • If they dock me, which appendage do I wag when they come home?

Keep your fork


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