Flours and Their Uses Expanded No. 6

This is  a continuation of Flour and Their Uses.

Baker Bran – Is a wheat bran with a finer particle size and is made from a mixture of premium grade hard wheat. This bran is high in fiber and will add both flavor and texture to a variety of foods including baked goods, cereals and pasta.

Buckwheat Grouts – Has a nut like flavor and is high in protein. These grouts can be used as a side dish alternative to rice, stuffing and potatoes. Buckwheat grouts are a good source of dietary fiber.

Rolled Oats/Quick Oats – Table grade oats resulting from the flaking of cleaned, steamed groats. Grain is cut, steamed and run through rollers to flatten it. The quick oats is simply cut thinner. Great for use as a breakfast cereal or in baked goods for extra taste and texture.

White Hominy Grits – Is a corn that has been stripped of their bran and germ. This corn is especially popular in the south. Hominy grits can be cooked until tender and served as a side dish. It is great served as a hot breakfast cereal.

Wheat Montana Natural White Flour – Natural Premium Flour is unbleached white flour that has one of the highest protein contents available, making it perfect for baking. Wheat Montana adds a small amount of malted barley flour to the mixture to improve the consistency of the final product. This flour is chemical free and GMO free.

Wheat Montana Bronze Chief – Bronze Chief Premium Flour is ground finely using a slow grinding and carefully monitored heat process to ensure that the protein, vitamins and baking quality of the finished product aren’t compromised. This flour is both chemical and GMO free.

Wheat Montana Prairie Gold – This premium flour, which is ground from Prairie Gold wheat, can be substituted for white flour in some recipes to give your traditional baked goods an updated flavor. Prairie Gold Premium Flour is both chemical and GMO free.

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