Living in the mid-west most of my life, I always thought that lettuce was ‘greens’. Come to find out there are almost as many ways to use ‘greens’ as there are different types of ‘greens’. There are salads, sandwich compliments and wraps. You can use them in stir-fry, grill them or blend and drink them. The list goes on and on. Here are some common ‘greens’,

Arugula – Dark green and tender, these peppery, slightly mustardy tasting leaves are popular in Mediterranean dishes.

Boston (aka butter and bibb) – Sweet and mild-tasting lettuce with delicate, cup-shaped leaves that are good in salads, on sandwiches or as wraps.

Cabbage – Crisp and crunchy with a sharp, bitter taste, these leaves work well in stir-frys, soups and shredded for slaw.

Chard – Large, deep green leaves that taste a little like beets and are delicious sauteed, pickled or in casseroles.

Endive – Elongated leaves are both bitter and mild and can be used in mixed salads or as scoops for appetizers.

Kale – Broad, ruffled, cabbage-tasting leaves that range in color from dark green to bluish-purple and are perfect in salads, smoothies and soups, or cooked into chips.

Iceberg – Crisp, mild and crunchy, iceberg lettuce is often served as a wedge with blue cheese dressing.

Leaf – Red-tipped or dark green leaves have a mild, sweet taste and are great in salads.

Mesclun – A mix of tender young greens that might include arugula, frisee, radicchio, dandelion greens and fresh herbs.

Radicchio – Crisp, pepper-tasting deep red and white leaves that can be grilled, or served in a mixed salad.

Romaine – Crunchy, long green leaves that are used in Caesar salad.

Spinach – Tender and dark green, these slightly bitter leaves work well in salads, smoothies and quesadillas.

Watercress – Small, dark green leaves with a strong peppery taste are good in Asian soups or stir-frys.

Keep your fork


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