Flours and Their Uses Expanded No.8 – Sweetners

This is a continuation of Flours and Their Uses. As I said before, I would add other baking ingredients. Here are sweetners.

Raw Sugar – is produced in the initial stages of white sugar manufacturing process. Raw sugar is coarser than white sugar and is brownish in color.

Brown Sugar – is made by adding molasses to white sugar.

Powdered Sugar – is made by pulverizing white sugar. It also contains cornstarch to prevent the formation of lumps.

Dark brown Sugar – This sugar, with its high molasses content is not only rich in essential nutrients but also has a color and flavor all its own. its use enables the food manufacturer to reduce or eliminate the requirement for caramel or other artificial colorings and flavors in products. This unrefined sugar will improve the state and color of chocolate cakes and cookies, as well as being ideal for BBQ and other savory sauces

Stevia – is a very sweet herb. it is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar with a slight licorice flavor. It is almost calorie free and does not trigger a rise in blood sugar. It is recommended to create a liquid concentrate from the powder. To make: Dissolve 1 tsp stevia powder into 3 Tbsp of filtered water. One tsp of  liquid solution will approximately equal 1 cup of sugar.

Sucanat –  is a dehydrated cane juice which is produced from a pure cane juice stream, which naturally contains about 13% molasses and 87% sugar. Through dehydration and aeration as opposed to the juice is produced which contains this all natural present molasses.

Evaporated Cane Juice – is known as unrefined sugar and milled cane sugar. It’s made by extracting juice from sugar cane.

Fructose – is a highly processed sweetner made from corn. It is twice as sweet as refined sugar.

Brownulated Sugar – has the same great medium molasses flavor that you would expect from brown sugar. However, it will not lump, cake or harden which makes it easy to sprinkle, pour and measure. It is great for baking and tastes great on fresh fruits and hot cereals. It can be used in all your favorite recipes for replacement of brown sugar.

Sucralose – is made from sugar through a multi step manufacturing process. It is a sweetner with no calories, yet is 600 times sweeter than sugar. It is also suitable for people with diabetes, because it does not affect blood glucose or insulin levels. Sucralose is made from sugar and tastes like sugar. It maintains its sweetness under the high heat of cooking and baking.

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