Planting a Garden

I don’t know if this is true or not, but knowing these two individuals,it surely could be.

Catfish and Gator Babe decided to make a small garden in back of their home since they have moved out here full time. After breakfast one day this spring, Catfish was sitting in the swing on their porch when Gator Babe came around the corner with a shovel and said, Here, you know what to do with this.”

Later she went out to see how he was getting along with the garden and found the shovel stuck in the ground with this note attached to the handle: “Found some worms, gone fishing.”

Keep your fork

Here are the answers to Do You have a Sharp Mind?

1. They deliver
2. They are bucks
3. They have picks
4. They are filled
5. They have bowls
6. They have scores
7. They have tanks
8. They are balanced
9. They are hitched
10. They have waves
11. They have checks
12. They are caught
13. They have lanes
14. They have tongues
15. They have caps
16. They are popped
17. They are tossed
18. They lift


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